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  • 03/05

    Advantages of Diamond Wire Saw in Granite Quarrying

    Advantages of Diamond Wire Saw in Granite Quarrying
    Diamond wire saw is generally used in cutting of granite, marble, and concrete. Compared with flaming cutting, diamond wire saw have the following advantages when used in granite m...
  • 03/02

    Diamond Saw Blade Applied in Stone Mining

    In the past, China stone mining used to adopt explosions and flame cutting to extract granite rough block; the advantages of this were that the mining technology is easy to grasp, it is highly efficient, and the cost is low. But the method is likely to contribute to excessive rock fragmentation and ...
  • 02/11

    Increasing Demand for Diamond Tools

    In recent years, machinery, diamond, medical apparatus and instruments, wood, glass fiber reinforced plastics, stone crafts, ceramic and compound non-metal material processing fields have an increasing demand for diamond tools. At present, these products mainly depend on import, as a result, high-qu...
  • 12/18

    Diamond Circular Saw Blade Application

    At present, based on quantity, China domestic market existing diamond circular saw can be divided multi-piece diamond circular saw and single-piece diamond circular saw. The former can be installed with as many as thirty diamond circular saw blade at most. Processing efficiency is high and it is mai...
  • 12/25

    China's Diamond Tools Market Situation

    Diamond tools are widely used in geological prospecting, ceramic tiles,stone, machining, auto, the national defense industry, and many other industry application fields. Diamond tools that are used for machining, geological drill bits, ceramicand stone cutting tools have seen a substantial improveme...
  • 09/20

    President Xi Jinping Paid State Visit to India, Leading Gujarat to Bec...

    September 17th, China President Mr. Xi Jinping paid a state visit to India. This is the first time that Mr. Xi Jinping has visited India after he was elected as the China President. His first stop in India is to be Gujarat, hometown of the new India Prime Minister Mr. Modi. And today is the birthday...
  • 08/05

    Foshan Ceramic Prices Stable in Off-season

    On July 15th, the Guangdong price index platform released Foshan ceramic price index of June; the collected data are the wholesale prices offered by the manufacturers to the dealers, covering 68 different products: 16 main products- plaza tiles, antique tiles, etc; 33 common products-soluble polishe...
  • 07/04

    Henan University of Technology Held a Lecture Entitled "China Superhar...

    According to latest report, On June 26, a.m., Liying, Dean of Material Science & Engineering Institute in , delivered a special report themed "". The student listened carefully to the report.Above all, Liying made a brief analysis on different period of development, and explained in ...
  • 03/25

    De Beers hopes for diamond exploration rights in Angola by year-end

    De Beers SA, the world’s largest diamond miner by market value, hopes to obtain a concession to explore in Angola by the end of this year, chief executive Philippe Mellier said.The London-based company, majority-owned by global miner Anglo American PLC, is also holding initial talks with India about...
  • 02/09

    Japanese Scientists Finish Composition of the Hardest Diamond in the W...

    On Dec.20,2011, the Daily Telegraph reports that Japanese scientist have composed the hardest diamond in the world, whose diameter is 10 mm. It will go into production soonest in 2011. The researcher introduces that this kind of diamond is much harder than common diamond, so it will be used in more ...
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